Friday, January 02, 2009


today went kbox with zh, derry and derry's fren
i think it is the last time i going kbox before sweden le ba
cos next week ntu and smu start sch le leh
dun really have much time to go out!

kbox was okay lor
wei ni er huo was damn funny
hahahaha, impossible to hit the gal's key can

then, thruout kbox, i keep laughing at this guy opposite
cos his facial expression when he sing was super duper funny
like he scolding pple like that!
then during payment, he take out calculator to calculate somemore!
i laughed till like roll on sofa can......

then, karma striked

when our turn to pay bill, i look at the amt, looked weird la
but never mind, i just sign first
they charge us 4 ppl $131.50 for k-happy slot

then after the rest thought awhile, then, eh, WRONG LA!

omg, i totally run after the gal for the receipt and my card!!

then the gal seeked an older male attendent's help
and they think logical leh
the gal still say the price i talking about is for k-lunch
wth man

anyway, it finally got sorted out la, final bill was actually $70

omgggggg, KARMA LA!
i shouldn't have laughed at that fat guy for using calculator!!
maybe today the cashier is just screwed up la
at cine orchard level 8

and, this is not the end of the karma...

so after paying, we continue singing
then suddenly, they cut off our song!!
wth! at 6.10pm and they never even tell us it is the last song le!
totally idiot!!!
and usually can extend to 7 wad!
there was like no queue outside andmany other empty rooms can!!


so sad:(
little nonya is also v sad :(
y yueniang not with chen xi :(
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