Friday, January 16, 2009

[IKEA trip]

today was registration day and we headed towards economics there
took bus again!
it's really high time we started walking
as soon as we climatise to the cold lor

finally got to see the face of the coordinators
pernilla looks and sounds sweet, i like to email her already :P hahaha!

i must take my different outfits everyday :P
shit i think i really brought alot of clothes
i thought 10 long sleeves top seem reasonable wad :S hmm...

we walked towards town centre after the briefing
was going to meet xh and mh there
but our briefing was earlier, so we wanted to go to the bank first

he is gonna rob the bank lor...

some things around town:

singapore should have such red bull car

the opposite green man

macs! finally found it eh!
it's not 24hrs but it opens till 4am or 12mn
not bad already la!

that looks like the whomping willow in HARRY POTTER!

touchscreen button to cross road
at first we stupidly pressed the light below, hahaha!

super duper many bikes!

the town centre is not SUPER crowded
like maybe 25% of orchard road? hmm, maybe 2.5%...hahah!
yeah, so some roads are like...nobody at all?!
would be quite scary to walk alone in the dark :s

handelsbanken - as recommended by teresa
eh, it's super fast wad, the account was opened instantly
just that atm card need about 4 working days to arrive
but i guess not bad le? the bank looks super posh also :D

after that we walked to ICA to meet them

ICA has high tech stuff man

decided to buy some buns to eat first
cos i was damn hungry la
4 for 24sek, which is 6sek each, which is $1.20
not bad hor! :D normal breadtalk price!

hahaha, this is super funny :P

after meeting them (they got lost somewhere la), we took some time to figure out how to get to IKEA!

fake hardworking on the bus
not that he can read it eh...SWEDISH!

passed by sony ericsson

those brown rock like thingies are actually RABBITS!

looks familiar?

yup! it's IKEA!

only like a 20mins ride from the city centre! not bad eh! :D
but, the bus fares are CONFUSING! i got a heart attack when i saw the price deduction! dunno how much la, not sure also! but really alot!

bought quite alot of things at IKEA
all the pots and pans, we bought cheapo one la
can last us 6 months can le, heck about next tenants
we bought a frying pan for sgd5, 3 pots of varying sizes for sgd 16 altogether
cheap anot la...omg

and we found out that the IHO cheat our money for the sale of pillow and quilt on the arrival day la! or perhaps they added in transport cost?!
it's much cheaper at IKEA itself!!!

oh, we ate at IKEA restaurant too, i din eat much though
i was still super full from my two buns which cost sgd2.40 together :P hahaha!
cheap cheap! :D save money is good!

i've currently spent close to sgd200 le, that's like OMGGGGGGG!

then after that came back to lund C, went to ICA to get some stuff
and went home to cook


egg = successful
cabbage = sucks

dunno which cabbage is like the one in singapore leh!
this one hard like rock arrr! like eating plastic or smthg
super sux, too much stem, i dun like
next time i'll buy leafy ones, but it's EX! :(

i shall conquer shephard's pie tml :)
mummy will be proud if it's successful!
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