Sunday, January 11, 2009

[day -1]

at this time tml, i'll be in the airport le
saying byebye to mummy
with pple like zh betting on whether she will cry -__-"

and tonight is the last night on my bed!
dunno whether i'll miss it anot, haha
skali over there the bed nicer
cos my bed not say super comfy type la

i'll miss having my meals and drinks served to me though :P
okay, dun comment that i'm pampered hor.... -___-"
will miss mummy also la, she i think v sian that i never say outright that "i'll miss you" to her
so she today keep asking me whether i'll miss her anot

yeah la, will miss la!

okay, i'll blog again tml
happy studying for nus pple not going exchange :P
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