Monday, January 12, 2009

[day 0]

going to be on aeroplane in 8 hrs time!
omg !

i took my last lunch in singapore at sakae sushi
haha, i think my mum really miss me
this morning she send me sms
then she say when she send, then she think huh, i really gonna fly off le...

i think i'd feel abit more excited about the trip
if it was not for the freaking heavy luggage!
that is definitely mood dampen-er!
if it was like still manageable, then, i'll be like super excited can!!!
i like to take aeroplane de!

though i'm abit freaked out this time because i never take such a long flight before
i scared like something happen to the aeroplane or what la! :s
maybe the pilot fall asleep
osama decided he hates copenhagen
suddenly got heavy snow storm
etc! omg!

yeah, i told this to wy and bj before
wy dots until cannot be more dots la
then bj....idiot la, "die then die lor" wth
no more presents can...

anyway, my lund address:

NordanvÀg 3 D:509, 222 28 Lund, Sweden

Sweden telephone number:
+46 765837063

i not bringing singapore sim card there
yeah, dun prank call me ar
i think i'll take my number down from my blog after awhile...

oh well, i shall go rest awhile le!
and pack my laptop :P

thanks to everyone for all their smses! :)
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