Tuesday, December 30, 2008


time to update...

saturday and sunday were spent having family dinners
saturday with mummy's side, sunday with daddy's side
collected presents and angpaos
quite thankful to everyone :)

then monday was spent with my mum
running errands before going to my uncle's hse to borrow cd drive
my external dvd drive spoil leh
like not enough power or what, sian diao
then we haven got around to buying it yet
cos my mum dun really wanna spend so much also...

today spent the morning and afternoon with my mum too
went to service car and run some errands
before meeting gh and his frens at novena to eat zheng fa huo hai xian
had to sit outside cos inside no space
and it was super damn freaking hot la
and the place is quite small
dunno how come the tv show until like damn big
tv tricks eh!
it was small and not much space to walk
food also never refill much!
the food that they bbq/teppenyaki for us taste not bad la
but quite retarded, cos i take a huge pile of food, turns out abit nia leh
so stupid, they might as well just let us choose wad flavour then they give us the portion?!?
like sakura buffet like that la!!!

anyway, i think i din really eat $19 worth of food eh
should have eaten more stingray then worth it la!
but i was also quite full le
and their soup base not very appetizing also
usually i can drink alot of bowls of soup de

then we went to Udders near united square
the word udders sounded v familiar to me,
i thought it was some human anatomy
but yuan lai it's the cows...

hahahahaha, forgot la!
sian, rk is gonna say i bimbo again
he say he v shock at my lack of general knowledge and bimbo-ness
wah lau, NOT THAT BAD CAN!
at least i excelling in geo challenge le
my geography is not that bad liao!!

yup then after that take 851 home lor
quite near eh :D i like direct bus!
and i realised i never take photos for some days le!
like my blog is full of words nia!
and i still haven update my blogskin!!

i am gonna wake up early tml
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