Tuesday, December 23, 2008


ah, busy days
have been going out to buy stuff and packing also

i finally bought flexible keyboard!!
now i can type x freely !
but i'm still not very used to the positioning of the keys and stuff leh
and it's like much bigger as compared to my laptops!
so yeah, need some time to get used to it
maybe i need to play typing tutor or something

and i also went to soft rebond my hair
irritating thing is that it is not say v straight nw!
but it's quite natural
sian, i abit lazy to go back and ask them
moreover the ends now become abit qiao la! so irritating!

and i watched yesmen yesterday with zh and jj
i think okay la, laughable, but it's not hilarious like kungfu panda can
after that in the evening, went to watch jj carolling at pan pacific lor

recently have been hooked to The Little Nonya,
but i only watch on youtube la
quite nice and bitchy show!! and i like ou xuan!
can't wait for the ending
i hope she'll be with chen xi in the end
at least her sad miserable life has a good ending

i was reading wikipedia
it said that there were 3 pple shortlisted for the lead role...

1) fiona xie
2) jeanette aw
3) jesseca liu

wah lau, how can fiona xie take on such a big major role?! they stupid or what!
jesseca liu still okay la
but like OF COURSE ou xuan is the best choice la!!

on a side note,
i'm gonna fully enjoy this 7+months holiday
and then come back and start mugging
my first class honours is like flying away...
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