Sunday, December 21, 2008

[trade off]

recently i've been learning how to cook
like today, i dunno stand in the kitchen for how long
and have to withstand the insults from my mum

she totally trying to get back at me la! =P
but it's quite funny...

"how much salt to put?"

"abit la!"

*tracy puts abit*

"not enough la!!!"

*mummy grabs salt and dump in more herself*


the most funny one was...

*tracy very bored, staring at linguine, thinking whether to stir*

"eh, can i move the linguine anot?"

"where u wanna move it to? amk ar?"


idiot lor! then she come and see

"eh, why u never stir!!"

wah, fed up leh
hahahaha but it's quite funny

anyway, the trade off from learning how to cook is:
i've ugly hands now la! :(
i'm like super duper sad!
cos the skin is super duper omg dry
and it keeps peeling and peeling and peeling!

i keep applying some lotion now la, but it's not really working so instantly
haiz! damn sad la! :(
i want nice hands! later jia bu chu qu! :(
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