Monday, December 08, 2008


yesterday was major spring cleaning day
and amazingly, i finished cleaning in ONE DAY!!!
OMG! amazing! haha, i actually thought i'll still be cleaning today!
actually there were so many more things that i wanted to throw
but my mum sure wun agree one...

one of the major things i packed were my two wardrobes
cos my mum complained that there were no more hangers
ask me to change the way i pack my clothes mah
so okay lor, major reform eh...
but now become the...erm...folded clothes area...
wah lau, stack to the brim
i realised i got alot of spag strap, sleeveless clothings
in which i never wear for god knows how long

okay, some random pics of stuff in my room...
i think i take pics of my room pretty often eh
even if pple never come my house before,
should roughly know how it looks like la, haha

as u can see i'm a BIG supporter of CATHAY CINEPLEX! :D
and more specifically, The Cathay
i think still got more la
but i cannot find leh! :(
maybe drop outta my bag or smthg...

all my sch badges and nametags!
haha, of course the 05s46 one is not exactly nametag la!
i believe my pri sch nametag is still colour de!
pri sch had no sch badge, cos it was sewn onto our uniform

random flyer that i have, i think i took from some hotel de
christmas float leh! :D
but the christmas deco in orchard road is like BEYOND PATHETIC
or maybe after hari raya it'll be nicer?
heeren the deco looks v hari raya eh

after cleaning my room for the whole afternoon until dinner
i finally sat down for dinner and read my book and watched tv
pro hor my multitasking!

reading this book called twilight by stephenie meyer
it has been the number one bestseller book for dunno how many weeks le la
like super duper omg long la!
it's about a vampire love story lor

i read from dinner time till like 1.45am =S
like nonstop la
except for the time that i went to bathe
i din even know i read till so late until i finally looked at my watch!

anyway i think the book is overhyped
it is definitely NOTHING as compared to harry potter
it's like a typical story of

- girl meets boy in sch
- girl and boy feels attracted to each other
- girl realises that boy is vampire
- boy try not to eat girl
- girl still like boy
- boy somehow gets enemy to almost eat girl up
- boy saves girl (hero eh)
- THE END (continued in next book: New Moon)

yeah, typical story wad!
wad's so great about it?!
but it's pretty interesting i guess, hahaha!
which means, i'm gonna watch the movie!

okay, this is not the singapore poster
the poster for this is everywhere though
in theatres 18 december!

anyway, i having v funny convi with my parents now
yup, my mummy and daddy
and mummy is like in the dining room while i'm in my room
then my daddy ask me to pass some msg to her
so i ask her to sign in la, easier mah
then she start yelling that she dunno how to use, blah -__-"
like retard, just type la! v difficult meh! i already added her in what!

Excerpt from our convi:

Jessie says:
I want to scream at tracy now!! u know i never use msn before so i just ask her how we can all talk together and she says i m so stupid....

KH Seow says:
I do not know either on MSN, I have conference call on skype before .... i am trying now... no choice, have to catch up

KH Seow says:
show mum there is a invite icon ... and this is done by you, right?

*____ s o b r i q u e t ` __ //* says:
i think no need to complicate her la, i mean, there's only 2 people on her contact list... like u and me... no need so advance level yet

retarded right!
i can't imagine next time how we video conference on skype
i think it'll be super duper funny =P
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