Friday, December 26, 2008

[shopping & swensens]

today was such a long day!

woke up early in the morning to go out shopping with my mum
she wanted to go to the metro expo sale to buy christmas presents and other stuff lor

we did our usual jian, parking-saving method
we drove to ikea tampines, parked there, cos free parking
took the free shuttle bus to tampines (v fast one la)
then from tampines take train to expo (abit troublesome since must change at tanah merah)
but generally, the whole journey is pretty fast

and expo parking rates are overly crazy le can...

well, i think this is definitely a cheapo but good way lor!
it's also not worth it to park at tampines mall, cos need to pay and it's SUPER CROWDED!
unlike the ikea carpark, big and spacious!

okay, went expo, there were many pple on the train
some heading for the sale, some going church
it was obvious who were going to the church because they were dressed to the nines la!

anyway, metro expo sale is DISAPPOINTING!
unlike previous sales where i buy like quite alot of things eh
i only ended up buying a $6 dress and some disposable underwear
i wanted non-disposable one, but ex -__-" end up pissed off la, just bought some disposable ones

the way other pple buy are like crazy!
where got so cheap lor! they retarded or what!
either that or they rich la...
there was this malay couple in front of me at the cashier who spent $872
like wth....
they bought like 10 plates (which cost $5 each) and 10 goldlion shirts
and dunno how many pillows and stuff...
perhaps they just move house la
else why will need so much stuff!

after that headed back to tampines there
ate at some foodcourt beside hangten/ck department store
i ate fishball noodles because got the pai pai zan recommend de, got newspapers there
wah lau, it was BEYOND DISGUSTING!
at one point i just stopped eating, cos cannot take it le...
too disgusting to be put into my mouth...

went to look for cheap stuff at CK
i think some stuff not bad leh

clothes ar...i think except for like winter wear, no need to buy until so ex one la
because fashion will change, pple's taste will change, pple will get bored of current clothes
it's not like winter clothes or other clothes, which i will want it to LAST me for quite some time
hopefully like 10 years...assuming my clothing size never change (haha, it better not change...)
those normal tees, no need so good one la, wearable and not too thin material can le!
normal 100% cotton clothes are nice enough mah!

though sometimes some of the ex clothes just seem v nice
and there's just this urge to spend la...
haiz! why santa claus never drop ang pao down my chimmney!! :(

anyway, i'm loving cheap dresses now
so far my 2 6bucks dresses are quite nice eh :D
doesn't feel 6 bucks to me!
i think buy dresses v worth it also
like just wear that one piece can le u know!
muahaha, shall source for more cheap dresses! :D

after that shuttle bus back to ikea
dumped our stuff in the car and went to shop at Giant
then after that headed towards home lor
stopped by ave 4 to buy hokkien mee first :D
it was already pretty late at that time

after dinner and resting my feet awhile on the sofa,
went to suntec to meet gh
we had chocolate fondue at swensens! :D

haha, i think it was okay nia
cheap i guess? the Swiss Culture one only has fruits leh
fruits v cheap one wad :S but it's $14
this one at least got 5 tiny balls of icecream and it's $20 bucks
though after all the plusplus is $24 la

i think i'll make my own fondue during sep
hahaha! ambitious eh!
sep is becoming like a cooking trip too!
gonna find random exciting recipes to cook
just as long as the kitchen dun blow up can le!

was on the way home from ikea in the car when this song started playing
i'm so glad u're going for sep with me :)
else i might really be like what this song depicts (or actually, mainly just what the title depicts)

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