Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[sending home]

during dinner, gh's frens were asking whether gh got send me home (when not driving la)

i think it's quite tiring to travel so far
and it's not something that one can keep up forever
so, instead of disappointment at some point in time, why not NOT start it in the first place?

if u are unable to continue doing it for prolong period of time, then dun start it at all in the first place

correct right??

*elyn and sw nods heads* :p

hahahaha, this was something that we discussed before la
if cannot continue, den dun bother trying
cos when u stop, it feels like honeymoon month is over or u're not so impt anymore or whatever other random hu si luan xiang thoughts that gals will have in their mind
and it'll take some time to accept it that...well, honeymoon month is really over

it's like usually when pple wait with u for the train
then suddenly one day just stopped
to guys it may not mean much la
to gals, surely a thought will pass like "huh, what happen, y today like that"
then u realise honeymoon month is over
then u get abit/kinda/pretty/very upset (haha, varying degree depending on who u are)
but of course eventually get over it lor
the period before u get over it is quite sucky actually

yup, so, males out there,
this is a good logic to be learnt :)
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