Wednesday, December 31, 2008

[la vogue]

today i went for my very first facial at La Vogue!

why i went there is because my mummy got complimentary voucher worth $150 for sothys facial treatment at La Vogue that she got during the Women's Fair in November
she dun wanna go mah, so i go lor
she was damn worried that i go though
keep wanting to follow me
cos she think i'm easily swayed and they will cheat my money away or what
but no la, dun have! :D
i was slightly late despite leaving the house early
cos i lost my way to Millenia Walk
yeah, i know, quite loser
i din know how to get out of the food court to enter the shops area!
haiz, so stupid, omg...
so when i went there, this woman (i think her name is jessica, i can't rmb!) help me open the door
cos i think she could tell i was rushing there la
the whole place looks v nice and clean and bright and white

she brought me to this room which looks like super nice!
of course got the bed with some equipment, got tiny shower, and foot massage stuff also
and also got cupboards mirror basin and stuff la

(eh, pls be reminded that this is my first ever facial hor
so i dunno how do facials are normally like...)

yup, then she told me to take off my top and wear this facial towel thingie la while she went to get some stuff
then she analysed my face lor, not with machine though, just thru inspection la
then say got pimples (yeah i also know...*sad*) and v dull looking and got dead skin la
then she recommend me some treatment to brighten up the face
need to pay $28 for first trial la, usual price is $48
well, i know that i confirm have to spend money one, despite having complimentary voucher
so i was prepared for it, and it was not that ex, so okay la!

so she help me do the $28 one first, did half of my face and show me the diff
yeah, got diff la, much smoother, and abit more bright la
then she begin the facial treatment
she did alot of things la, can't really rmb in chronological order

- clean and massage face
- neck and shoulder massage
- electric current to get rid of deadskin
- electric current to kill away bacteria
- exfoliation
- mask for face and eyes
- steaming
- squeeze out pimple heads (omg, SO PAIN LA!)

i think like that only ba, can't rmb le!

but when she put the mask for me, then she dim the lights and went out right
and with the soothing music that played
omg, i nearly almost fell asleep
then she came in after some time to help me wash away everything lor
haha, too fast la, i din mind sleeping there =P so comfy!

okay then after that it ended
i enjoyed the process cos it was really very relaxing
and she din hard sell her product or anything!
only when i was paying for the 28bucks, then she just tell me that i can go back discuss with my parents whether to come back for a next followup facial 10 days later lor
it cost $199 for 2 times, which is $99.50 per facial
but she say if have a even more basic one minus those massage, for student is $60

yup, well, currently the condition is that still got abit of scaring
but not by them la, it's the last time one
though i guess slightly lighter le lor

i hope it gets better! :)

after that met raffles city with my mum
saw xf on the escalator, haha, my eyes damn sharp la i know =P
then we went to hmv to use up her $25 voucher
bought some music compilation cds, some pretty old ones la
and also bought the new jay zhou one
all put in the car lor
at home i also wun listen de
i think i bought like 6 discs in total, quite worth it la :D

it's gonna be a new year soon!
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