Thursday, December 11, 2008


went to town today to meet fj
actually supposed to meet lynne also la
but she woke up late, and accidentally lock her bro outta the house
hahaha! yeah lor, so she couldn't make it la

oh wells, another time then have a meet up ba!

lunch at ps kopitiam
i ate at home first, so as to budget even more =P
then dunno wad to do la
so end up in cine kbo^

sang some random old songs, haha! like jolin's old songs
it was cheap cheap also
cos i used all my discounts
this time, i presented it upon arrival

but din really make use of the full 5 hrs
because i had to rush home for dinner
and then headed towards my grandma's house

haiz, abit tired
not sure what to do tml
shall go do some stuff now
good thing it's kinda early for once :D
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