Monday, December 08, 2008

[island creamery]

today was the first time i went to...


hahaha, aiyah, i'm too lazy to invert it la
so well, make do with it!

it was such a gloomily cold and wet weather though
hate it when it rains all day
it should only rain when i'm sleeping lor!
cos that's totally perfect :D

gh's fringe is like as long as mine eh
so girly :P

yay, first time there
it's not a v glam place though, haha
not like b&j or smthg

i had black forest and banana
while gh had nutella and very berryu
the black forest got some alcohol in it eh
got the smell of it
haha, i thought it'll taste like black forest cake

okay, last pic for the night!
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