Monday, December 01, 2008


how come my exams haven end ar?
so irritating!
esp to see waiyip's nick on msn...

haha, in 13hrs time,
i'm not gonna step back into sch for 8 months

and since i'm not going back to sch for such a long time,
of course i went to eat at my fave stall today
patronise yx aunty la :P

this is like the only place i eat in sch...
aside from megabites, munchies, macs, subway
the rest like..sux la
business canteen is totally not edible
i only go there eat mash potato and occassional sandwich only!

haha, my lcmfjcmf :P
haha, can guess anot!

but today dun have my favourite flippyfloppy thing
i dunno wad it's called, so it's called flippyfloppy
i usually take like 3 of those la!

haiz, sian
i need 8 months holiday to truely recover my face :(
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