Wednesday, December 24, 2008


today went to watch angus, thongs and something snogging la
haha, like chick flick eh
quite funny to watch it with gh, haha
aiyah, but it's pretty stupid
was actually gonna watch centre of the earth 3d de
but eve of public holiday = $13
too ex le la!!

after that went to eat at astons
more expensive than in sch, but cheap for a restaurant le i guess
waited super duper long for seats!

then after that went to walk walk lor, walked to suntec
and i saw this pooh bear christmas tree! :D

which only had a few poohs la, hahaha!

i also have this bearbear!
last time cedar perc give me de!
sadly, mine is not as clean
it is currently residing beside the washing machine
and it has been there for a few months
waiting for mummy to wash it =P

the row of pooh bears

i love my new pink earphones :)
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