Friday, December 19, 2008


okay, i realised i haven updated for a few days
have been really lazy
and nothing really interesting has happened anyway

boring, boring singapore...

met up with penguin for lunch and shopping
bought myself a nice longsleeve white dress which i'm bringing to sweden
gonna go europe and wear stuff that i dun normally wear in singapore
cos there, it's like okay to wear caps, shades, boots, leggings
but in singapore if u wear, u get all these weird stares can...
like fj was saying how everyone in sch stare at her just cos she wear red skinnies

weird eh oh well
but no one will know me in a foreign land la :D

stayed at home and rotted and packed my stuff
i've amazing squeezing skills eh, i feel quite proud of myself! :D
but i was like super duper omg bored la...
stuck-in-house syndrome!!

i was pestered awake by my mummy today
irritating lor...other days she also never wake me up so early!
dunno y thursday keep msging me la! i was abit irritating

at 9.30am...

Mummy: are u awake?
Tracy: NO!

frustrated lor! cos i slept at like 3+ the night before cos i couldn't sleep!

yeah, then after that, i was like pia-ing my last two episodes of Corner with Love on youtube
when my aunt called me and said my uncle will pick me from my house in 15mins
i was like....huh?!?!?!!? i haven even bathe and all that la!
so i told them give me awhile more, and i rushed to do everything lor

yup, so went to my uncle's hse for awhile
before heading to sun plaza where we walked around first before having sakae tea time buffet
actually i think the tea time buffet is v worth it
if i'm nt wrong, i counted that it's worth it as long as u eat about 6 or 7 plates la
okay what! that's not v difficult!
yeah, we ate like super alot la, got 8 pple, eat like 80+ plates ba, i dunno

haha, cos i left before they footed the bill la
in a way, good thing i couldn't use dbs card for 10% off (buffet cannot use)

i was late in meeting gh at The Cathay for TWILIGHT!
yeah, i walked into the cinema just in time where the TWILIGHT word flashed out
amazingly got pretty good seats la! :D happpppyyy! :D

haiz, the vampire is definitely not shuai leh
not even sinister shuai! but the girl quite pretty :D she just has a v low voice

i thought the first part of the show was pretty choppy though...
but okay la, i think it grabbed the essence of the book
followed it pretty closely, i must add
just that the people were not shuai enough!
and it's quite disgusting to see people eat people la =S

oh well i need to read the following 3 books after Twilight!!!

so here i am, stuck at home again
going out after dinner only la
singapore so boring :(

so today, i shall work on my blogskin again if i'm not so lazy
or read up on some stuff

my keyboard is beyond dying now
it's also quite difficult to type the letters "K" and the fullstop
need to use abit more strength than normal...
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