Monday, November 17, 2008


sian, today din do much cos my cousins came over
tml i gonna chiong to study super early!
loads to do! :(

the new paper is recently quite exciting
it has like 10 pages of the tiger story -___-"
kua zhang anot la!

eh, for the benefit of rk,
the tiger story = this zoo cleaner wanna commit suicide, so he jumped into the white tiger enclosure after irritating them by throwing things at them and shouted at them. and yeah, he died. though apparently he did show some regret when he was under the paws of the tiger

yeah, then got 2 pple took videos of it mah
so TNP kinda showed like clip by clip...looks pretty disgusting
still show the man being swung around by the neck like a rag doll

yeah, then today TNP was discussing whether should kill the tigers anot
retard la, like 99% of viewers said NO, the last 1% said something about temporary close exhibits for a longer period of time, then okay le

like hello?! tiger leh
obviously is eat prey right...else what? play catch with the prey ar?
kill the tiger cos it is eating a prey meh?!
and a prey that delivered himself on a dinner tray right to the tiger's mouth?!

i thought that article was totally POINTLESS
it's like trying to ride on this hype la, sensationalising news, haha!

(that totally reminded me of JC gp, where i always did mass media qns,
and i always have a paragraph of sensationalising of news)

in the article, it kinda heaped praises on the deceased also
sometimes i wonder whether it is true eh
yeah, i know we shouldn't condemn the deceased la
but, also no need to fake fake heap so much praises ritex! (if really is fake la)

it's like the other time when d.nair the pres passed away
alot of condolescences and like praises in the newspaper
ha, i'm sure they have always thought so highly of him can...
like he got SACKED cos of his drinking problem -__-"

fakeness of the world.

okay, tml is another mugging day, need to focus
like who cares about tigers eating man la!

(haha, but it's quite interesting to read =P,
like new gossip like that)
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