Saturday, November 29, 2008

[things to do]

oh man, it feels like exams are over
but there is still econs paper on tuesday!

did not study since last night
last night i watched tv till 2am
today i went shopping with my mummy
spent a bomb =S oh man...
but they were necessary items la :D
so it's worth it!

can't wait for after exams!
though i know majority of the people are like out having fun already


things to do after exam:

2) clear up my room (major spring cleaning needed!)
3) go jogging/swimming (i've not exercised for a loooooong time)
4) meet up with mfps pple (YAYS, 6TH DEC!)
5) meet up with cedar pple (still in the midst of planning)
6) meet up with s46 gals (not planned, but aiyah, anytime also can la!)
7) go minds cafe and play brainless games
8) go and eat marche for the first time in my life (*cough*someonesupposedtobringme*cough*)
9) chocolate fondue at swiss culture! :D
10) soft rebond my hair? i'm still....contemplating, haha!
11) pampering pedi/mani treat! (jj, wanna go??)
12) meet up with cedar perc pple! :) (still haven fix a date yet)
13) cousins stayover (3rd to 5th dec)
14) change blogskin!
15) learn some swedish
16) read up more on europe, see where to go!
17) start packing! (ooh, this is quite exciting, i think i need to like jump on the suitcase)
18) bbq with nus pple (haha, we should go out more!)
19) get rid of cellulite =S
20) go kbox with random pple
21) ....

okay la, i should think more about MACROECONS now!
time to bathe and start looking at it... :(
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