Sunday, November 09, 2008


today woke up later than my alarm, haiz!
wanted to wake up early to study one
in the end i just did one chap of finance
then i went to watch dvd le
before going out to meet dots, her frens and evadne

so qiao! one of her fren is a cedar senior from band, flute section
initially i couldn't recognise her la
but after awhile, i sorta rmbed la, haha!
their aussie accents were like strong =S

went to waraku to sit down and rest legs, haha
or rather for dots, emma and sheryl to rest legs la =P
i was still going strong =P and evadne just reached, haha, wanted to eat

and they both say i sound like a little gal over the phone!!
excuse me, got so kua zhang mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

after that, met zh at cityhall
went to suntec city where he made spects
and i provided the $15 discount
haha, i think i gonna go back there to make new spects too
saw a nice red and black one! =D
i need a smaller pair of spects that actually fits my face instead
cos most frame/lens are like just too long eh!
and i OBVIOUSLY do not wanna get round toot toot ones la...
sian, i got weird face shape :(

having inertia against studying finance now
feeling pretty tired
i'm glad to have a 2day week next week =D
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