Wednesday, November 05, 2008


today i finally got to watch high school musical 3

having a 3 day week rocks man
haha, cos i can go out one day, and mug the other day
and dun feel guilty about it at all =P

i thought hsm3 was alright only
preferred hsm1 and hsm2
even the song in hsm2 was nicer
forgot what was it already, but it was a song that i listen
then immediately went youtube to source for it =P

anyway, watching hsm3 made me realise...

pri sch graduation: cried like crap (for dunno HOW LONG can)
sec sch graduation: cried during the ceremony (it was super duper omg touching)
jc graduation: no feeling
predicted uni graduation: even more no feeling (just that, sian, need to start working le)

odd eh, dunno how come last time cry so much
pri sch i dunno y la, i rmb almost our whole class cried eh!!
like damn sad like that!
maybe last time too tiny, think that we'll separate forever or smthg

then cedar graduation...
it was just v touching i feel, the whole atmosphere of it
and the little presentation during the graduation
i still rmb
the start of it was the school gates opening, and all the fun things
then at the end it was the school gates closing... oh man.... :(:(:(
sounds cliche la, but it was really really touching!
and i rmb our graduation song, someone composed it
and we all went up on stage to sing, with someone playing the guitar
i can't rmb the lyrics or the tune already, but i rmb that it was meaningful
super duper touching...

jc crying feeling at all leh
took tonnes of pictures la, but that's about it
nothing touching about it at all...

uni graduation
the only feeling is shit man, need to work le :(
that's about it la i guess
oh well, see how it'll be like when i really finally graduate =S

haiz, feeling tired and lazy and dun wanna do anything!
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