Friday, November 21, 2008


my uncle's sister in law just passed away yesterday
so we going for wake later

(my mum is such an idiot, it's like 6.40 already
and she still haven buy dinner home
and she tell me need to leave house by 7.15
she thinks that the food just GLIDE DOWN my throat is it)

pass away due to cancer, not sure which part
omg, damn scary la!

i am like so damn scared of cancer like ever since
bj told me that he heard on radio that if u chew pills,
u'll have higher risk of cancer! like OMG! SCARY!

good thing gh teach me how to swallow pills le
even though nowadays i still feel abit of puking out water sensation when swallowing
but, NOT BAD LE! =D
my uncles and aunties are still chewing
or sticking the pills into a banana to eat...

i really dun wanna die, if there is an immortality pill,
i'll DEFINITELY buy it la!

but, even though i dun wanna die,
i've visualised how my funeral is gonna be le

(i need to print this out so that my future children can see this)

i want a pink funeral, with like cloths of pink around (yeah la, i know sound bimbo can)
but it is super sweet!
and i want a white coffin like dumbledore
no need so ex la, i mean, it's gonna be burnt off anyway
just look not bad can le

then ritex, since i'm not religious, i dun need those buddhist chanting and stuff la
so, i just want nice soothing pop music u know, not so hip hop time
songs to be remembered by

no need for bowing or kneeling also la
just say byebye to my body can le
no need to burn so much "money" too
just write a big check can le =P
haha, else pollution la! by burning bags of money

oh, and the photo, of course please put a nice coloured photo
if needed, pls photoshop abit la, hahahaha! =P
and i want a pooh bear inside the coffin too, some nice cute one la
so that i'll rmb that i love pooh bear alot

hmm, still got what...

oh, where should my ashes be?

well, i think in time to come, should have new columbarium or smthg
then i'll go there and buy a "family unit"
put everyone together u know
perhaps need to buy earlier, i wanna be with parents also
yup, so put there lor

haha, okay la, dinner time!
it is depressing to think about deaths
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