Tuesday, October 14, 2008


recent outings and stuff has really made me realise something:

i miss vj
quite alot.

i miss the early mornings that i reach sch and crap with glen they all at the breakfast table
(like listening how arsenal/man utd lost)

i miss the squeezing into the assembly hall, with the pe dept yelling at you
i don't miss assembly =P

i miss school celebrations that we have
i miss shouting "FULL DAY FULL DAY FULL DAY!"
i miss the mass dances after celebrations

i miss sitting in the first few rows during lectures (i dunno why we always end up there =S)
i miss playing bingo during lectures
i miss ponning lecture and humji-ing to leave sch (end up in library)

i miss the icejelly canteen sessions
i miss vj's ham&cheese omelette
i miss koping one whole long table for the class

i miss the gossip sessions with fj they all
i miss debbie's random randomness
i miss wy's shooting session at OTHER people (most of the time, it ends up with me -__-")

i miss the many neoprints we took
i miss the days where we just zoom to a classroom and do mass dance
i miss tapping on tim's brain (haha!)

i miss band a little too, more like miss perc section though
i don't miss practising =P (i'm v. lazy)

i miss going for tuition at garychan's hse together
i miss going for tuition at bouna vista together
i miss going to coffeebean to mug together

i miss bowling sessions at katong shopping centre
i miss pool sessions at parkway (even though i suck at it)

i miss watching random dbsk videos in class (during exam time!)
i miss swooning over yunho/jaejoong (in fact, i outta touch for very long le!)

hmm, din know i'll miss vj that much eh =S
shall not continue any longer
else it will be a very long post =S


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