Sunday, October 26, 2008


oh man, i'm not sure whether this is considered f l a m i n g


go read the sunday times page 2 about this STUPID NTU GIRL!

wah lau she's like ultimate u know
my mum was super pissed off reading the article
she took the newspaper and slammed it on my table la!

hello?! wad's wrong with that girl?!
recession and still keep spending parents' money?!
so rich eh!
and the WAY she speak of if it is her ENTITLEMENT!
and she totally dun give a damn about her parents!!

and she even SCORN at her friend who have to work part time cos no money?!
people no money, cannot go work is it? u could just shuddup and dun comment!

and the last part she say when she get her first pay, she's gonna buy a $4000 chanel bag
and many wallets and bags or whatever la

HA, wad makes u think YOUR OWN paycheck can cover that bag la?!

i seriously wonder how her parents feel about it man
or how they are ever going to face the public
and their frens and whoever who knows them...

can't be they are all the same type right?
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