Thursday, October 16, 2008


today i went to school just for my mapp report
cos they say if i dun collect, must wait till next year le
because i going sep mah!

anyway, i like such personality stuff :)

so i went in search for conference room G
i follow the sign all the way from the canteen there la
then i saw it at the OED there
then got a sign say enter from the side of the lib
wah lau, i walk the ENTIRE perimenter of the lib
i also cannot find can

and it was like freaking hot and stuff
give up le, went to career services
huiping like wanna laugh at me can =S
yeah, but she gave me the directions

and i went there, i was the only one la...
but end up, got 3 of us, with the trainer
apparently supposed to have more people

anyway, to summarise it all....
the trainer thinks i'm PROBLEMATIC :(

cos he say like some aspects, my right brain ones shine more
some aspects, left brain one shine more
got another aspect, i like both literary and computational numbers....
so he say it's abit odd, cos it keep swaying here and there

cannot be sometimes left brain sometimes right brain meh!!!

dunno la
i'm problematic :(
can't get over that fact

so he ask me to go career services to book appoinment
for one-to-one session
yeah, and mine is scheduled to be next year la, omg!
and i think huiping again wanna laugh at me...
cos i went in and tell her the trainer ask me to apply for another session cos i'm problematic

totally entertaining huiping for the day eh...

anyway i think my report seems not bad eh =P
haha! it's quite true lor!

and there's one point in which agreed with 16PF, the jc one that we did

cos the trainer say,
if ur gregarious, harmonious and benevolent is pretty high,
it probably means that

"If high, you keep giving to people, and people will take advantage of you"


yuan lai in 3 years, i still haven change yet....oh man...

*glares at anyone who bullies me*

the trainer also say that i have the motivation to go into Finance
and then also Marketing
but he say my motivation keep switching between the two
both like quite high also =S
so he say problematic

but i think it's true leh, and it's okay wad =S
i can explain why it switches leh =S

but oh well....i'm problematic :(

yeah, then he say i also can do HR
den i ask him what about operations?
he say if it is people aspect type then okay
if i need to face machine, i'll just die of boredom or something

overall, i'm apparently quite versatile eh =P
anything also can

but my main main main main MAIN motivation is:

"You have a strong preference for activity resulting in prestige, status, recognition or reward relative to others. You like to be recognised when you "do it right"."

haha, i think it's true eh
but should be cut down to...

"You have a strong preference for activity resuting in reward"


oh well, okay la
at least i feel that i'm on the right career path
and that i never go take engineering or science, which i scored SUPER LOW for
i only scored pretty well for maths
cos i like mah, haha

tml is major mugging day
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