Monday, October 20, 2008


i've always preferred to be a follower
rather than a leader

sounds like such a loser thought for someone in business right?

cos businessmen would probably all aim to climb up the hierarchy
and be like CEOs or chairmans or something like that

however, i hate it
in fact, that was what i indicated in my MAPP assessment
all the question which involve like CEO stuff, i placed it pretty neutral towards negatively

however, if it is like a group of leaders (think ogls, prefects)
i'm fine with that
i guess i just dun like being alone at the top
or, to have to make certain decisions in which i don't like to

i like having xf in my project groups
cos she is a good leader, and she is calm about it and can handle people
and she doesn't mind planning all the meetings, deadlines, etc. (i think)

i dislike having to remind and remind and remind people about things
i see no reason why others cannot be slightly more proactive
i dislike having to analyse people's reactions first before sending out an 'order'
i dislike accepting something which is not of a presentable/lookable standard

aside from all the initial stress factors that i used to always have,
there has been an additional stress factor cos of the R incident

sometimes, i'll look back and wonder,
how come i used to like project work?!
yes, i did love project work, esp in pri sch/sec sch
cos it is always fun
we can go each other's house, do project, play abit

(well, cos last time i can't go out,
doing project was the best and only excuse to go out abit)

but project work now is near hell-ish

i will do my part well as a follower, to make sure all my work is done
however, despite my preference to be a follower,
i dislike following a leader who is not worth being followed

sounds like alot of unreasonable preferences/dislike right?

in fact, i wonder how i'm gonna survive in the working world next time

i guess it would just help if everyone were just

- more cooperative
- more enthusiastic
- more proactive
- more committed

but that will never ever happen,
and i should burst this idealistic little bubble of mine
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