Saturday, October 04, 2008

[farewell 2]

finance quiz was like...WTH! :(
first time i did a test, and i felt like giving up
like i just wanted to anyhow shade la!
so depressing!

and worse thing is...

i copied my cheatsheet wrongly -___-"

idiot anot la!
i bet NO ONE ELSE got the first qns wrong except me
omg, retarded mistake can!
and moreover, one qns is 1% la! OMGGGGGG!

okay, anyway, today went to the airport to send off rk
met jj and zh at the airport, they met earlier for dinner
then we went to TCC
first time i step into TCC leh!
zh's first time too!


i think it taste quite nice
i like the biscuit/cookie crumble sorta thingie
but zh say he got too much about that

den after that went to find rk
who was surrounded by other frens
no time for us eh...

and the WHOLE T3 was crowded with imperial people can
or anyone heading towards london
like full of scholars and/or rich people la!!
and zh knew like alot of people eh!
like walk walk only, eh, see someone le
so many scholar friends eh =S

since we were quite bored, we webcammed with elyn!


hahaha, i found taking photo with elyn v interesting =P
got some ah ma and aunties were like staring at us la

and elyn was as unglam as ever...


of course she had many more unglam shots la
it's on facebook/my photoblog

den after that, we were quite sian
so we made elyn do some zhen zi thing
like to crawl outta the com screen
damn funny la!!!


then rk was like rushing off to meet his friend to board together le
and we literally had to GRAB HIM FIRST
to get him to take photo with us first!!!



rk totally din look like he's heading towards a potentially cold country
which is far far away
he look like he's going orchard road or smthg

in fact the whole thing din feel like a farewell nor send off
it just felt like he going orchard rd or something

haha, then at the departure gates, his friends were wishing him luck and stuff
i only say two words to him la...

USE PROTECTION!! hahahahaha!

yeah lor oh well
i'll see him next year la
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