Sunday, October 26, 2008


have been super busy these few days
and also v sian of doing work
there's so many things to do!

went airport to fetch my daddy on friday night
haha, i got more dvds now =P
more korean and 2 taiwan dramas! =D
plus 2 ktv discs
with songs that are so new that i never see before eh...
i'm severely outdated :(

and i'm v happy to announce that:
i've just finished my MIS individual assignment! =D

i can't be bothered to make any ammendments le
see if got time then read through

still got alot of things to do though
- econs problem set 4
- ma tut 9
- ma tut 10
- investigate about PeachTree
- study for finance quiz (my capital budgeting II sux like totally)
- compile bizcomm slides (not within my control, no one email me yet)
- MIS tut 4

haha crazy hor
but i just trying to rush through everything
cos tml going out with daddy, along the week also, weekends also
yeah, that doesn't leave me with much time eh!

daddy leaving on 4th nov morning
haha, he should leave on the 5th, then i can fetch him to airport
now, he either has to take taxi, or reach airport v early if my mummy sends him

haiz, i dun feel like doing anything now :(
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