Wednesday, October 01, 2008


well, this is my 1201th post, can u believe it?!
though actually i blog less le
last time when i first start up this blog,
it was like, i'd blog everyday
and a few times a day too! =S

yesterday had MA midterm paper at mpsh
it seemed totally like a final paper la!
and it was VERY NOISY having another paper at the other half of the hall
but i thought dr chng was quite funny, haha!
he keep repeating to us about where to sit

today is hari raya, so no sch
well, even if it is not hari raya, i also no sch la
have been sleeping/reading the whole day
so i guess i better study finance le!

and i like my finance tutor alot!
even though she set a difficult quiz for us
but at least i feel like she really wants to impart her knowledge
and is helpful lor!
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