Tuesday, September 23, 2008


eyes feeling very heavy,
i was like in denial this morning to wake up!!
i snoozed my alarm N times la!!

good thing when i reach sch, still have plugs available =D

so tired, i'm gonna sleep early today (yeah rite)

and i love to have my Marks&Spencer dutch shortcake by my side while studying :)
my favourite biscuit!!! =D

i realised there are weird people in the library =S
there's this guy who looked like he put a black dirty mop on his head
there's this guy who chiong all the way up the stairs, SINGING at the TOP of his longs
and he was obviously tone deaf
then, there's this guy behind me who brought a SUITCASE
which contained his laptop, another bag, books...blah


den i was talking to my daddy abit online la

*____ s o b r i q u e t ` __ //*tired says:
yeah, next week exams

KH Seow says:
good luck and remember to drink brand essence of chicken but make sure it is not from China

horrible lor, i dare not eat stuff in china le
think next time if i go and visit my daddy again,
i need to bring like 20 packets of maggie mee, and my own mineral water there
their water also v scary
my daddy say got once, it turned green cos of the algae in the lake
which is transported into the homes


okay la, i shall go back to finance
it's taking a super long time...
i need to keep awake =S

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