Monday, September 29, 2008

[rk early 21st]

yesterday, zh and i went to rk's house to celebrate his early 21st
his mum invited the whole family la, and he invited some friends lor
we reach there at 6, and eat awhile only hor
they wanna cut cake le!

haha, cos rk's ah gong wanna go liao
so u know, ah gong biggest la
of course must hurry cut cake


hmm, notice anything? =P


HAHAHA, ownself notice la
i dun wanna explicitly say it =P


the cake was super duper big la!
his sister buy de! wah, must have spent a bomb la!
it looks, HUGE LA! it's like, 1 metre diameter ar?
wah, maybe more la!
but hor, VERY NICE LEH! despite like alot of cream


anyway, this is what i notice about birthdays la
after the birthday person cut cake ritex
he/she will never end up continuing to cut one
cos some adult woman (like aunty or mum) will sure come and help to cut

cos, well
i think we younger generation suck at cutting cake or smthg =S

oh yeah, sidenote,
rk's sis went to tell his mum that i drive v scarily -___-"
wah lauuuuuuuu
it's cos precise can =P very near, but never hit one la!!

his mum know i'm tracy mah
now his mum will know me by "tracy - the scary driver"
wah lauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
bad impression can!!!

yup, then after dinner, and after copying all the topgear seasons, and some videos from rk,
we webcamed with elyn awhile
who was like UNGLAM yet again =P
but we v fast ps her already la
why leh?

cos f1 singapore grand prix starting!!!

haha, quite nice to watch in a crowd eh
else usually it is like me and my mummy at home
and mummy sometimes asks totally *ROLL EYES* questions

most people there were all supporting ferrari
why leh? cos all support schumacher last time
then u know, continue on with the, erm, supporting
hahaha! yeah, ben xiao jie included u know
cos last time long ago when it was televised on channel 5,
me and my daddy got watch mah

yup, so the race started
tracy v happy, started telling rk that his Ham gonna lose le la
hahaha! cos massa like speed off
and leading quite abit

massa leading

and 3rd was raikonnen (who over took dunno how many to become 3rd)
and he was like chasing Ham down
so we were all like, OMG! ferrari gonna finish 1-2 la!!!
exciting exciting! hurry up overtake!!!!!!!!!!!

den, first pit stop by alonso,
excuse me, y pit stop so early ar
so fast no fuel ar
or strategy ar....(this will be emphasized more on later)

den, some renault driver went to CRASH
teammate of alonso
so the safety car came out
and of course, all the leads that anyone had, ended up becoming NOTHING
cos have to trail the safety car, and cannot overtake
so everyone (most la) go pit stop lor
then will have 10second penalty, cos go pit stop when got safety car
but apparently it is worth it la

THEN RITEX! omg, massa, ham, raikonnen all pit stopped la
massa went to pit stop first
den the technicians at the front of the car give him thumbs up sign
and he SPEED OFF, only to realise after awhile that, THE FUEL PUMP STILL ATTACHED LA!
wah, one of the technician guys flip over somemore la!

then they couldn't bother about him first
had to settle raikonnen's pit stop first
yeah, so massa
went from 1st to LAST

wah lauuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....

but alot of drama hor, quite exciting =P

then after everyone start streaming into the pit stop and stuff le
then, alonso became first la
and lead by ALOT SOMEMORE LA!

then rk's fren v funny
he was saying it's a ploy la
like renault decided to sacrifice the teammate u know
so alonso hurry up go pit stop le, then team mate crash, then alonso drive faster abit
den first liao

hahahaha! sounds so scandalous, but YOU NEVER KNOW!

yeah, so since massa is like, erm, almost race over le la,
so we were all rooting for raikonnen
EXCEPT rk lor, haha, he likes his Ham

then kimi was like 4th le or smthg
we were like jia you jia you! hurry up overtake Ham!!
and then....


win already lor
we all speechless lor....

sian diao man

eh, he v shuai meh?
rk say he shuai
he looks like a normal angmoh leh...

haha, then got one part v funny also
massa dunno is like lose control or go wrong direction (AGAIN)
then he stopped at this corner
then right after he move off from that corner,
then some Force India guy banged into that corner

damn funny la! =P
we were saying, wah, massa's ploy la...hahahaha!

okay la, nan de a race got so many exciting moments eh
i rmb last time i watch with daddy
very sian one leh, cos of course schumacher win la
then not much exciting thing happen lor

winner - alonso
i couldn't even find a big pic of him can
haha, i just search a few pages nia

okay, end of F1 Grand Prix commentary =P

oh yes, i forgot to show off rk's present, hahaha!
actually, it's on my photoblog la
but i bet no one will click it eh.....
well, it's also on facebook too!

for his present, we got him a green/grey scarf,
which of course, is I SEW ONE!
dun doubt my talent lehhhh

elyn still say if it is i sew one, she is a chef le -___-"

and, we also got him, VEGETABLE SEEDS
haha, cos ang moh country, whole day eat meat or potato nia
mainly like, erm, beef, and more beef, and more lamb, and dunno wad la
so poor rk, nothing to eat
need to grow vegetables himself le la =P
we got him tomatoes and oriental veg =P

den we also do a collage la
in which we spent SUPER DUPER LONG TIME!
and just doing the wordings on top la!
which left so much glitter all over my floor!


we lacked more pictures of his mystery girls =P
hahaha, but only need Mystery No. 3 can le la... *BIG WINK*


quite similar to my big big card on my wall
but this one is quite small
and this is not complete yet la
i din take the completed version, haha
if u can tell, the paint haven dry yet

haiz, so fast weekend over le
come home den sian liao =(
MA midterm is tml
i hope i do well...
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