Friday, September 26, 2008

[pissed off]

i used to enjoy project work
that is, before i entered uni

now that i've entered uni...
well, okay la, sometimes i still dun mind projects

but it is FREAKING IRRITATING to have like slipshod work

not to be ego or what,
but i think my format of it was much better
so why can't u just FREAKING USE IT?!
instead of putting something in which is difficult to understand?!

and why can't people do things earlier?
huh huh huh?
if u've all the info ready, why can't just do it?
why must wait till last minute?
why can't you adopt the "get it over and done with" attitude?

of course in a good way also la
not "get it over" and submit some shitified piece of UN-UNDERSTANDABLE thing


and dun tell me u have no time lor
if u've no time, then MAKE TIME!

sometimes if i feel that i dun have time,
i on my laptop and do my work on the train on the way home (or to sch, whichever)
or, i'll do my work WHILE eating dinner (which is what i'm doing now)

it's not so hard to sacrifice just that little bit of time
especially when the whole thing is NOT SO DIFFICULT AT ALL!
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