Tuesday, September 02, 2008


i love finance lectures :)
at least i think it's the most useful topic of all
and most interesting!!
even though RT likes to have like 90+ slides eh
but i think she's like clear and good! :D

today we learnt how to use the financial calculator
i spent most of the lesson with my mouth open
wah, that tiny thing is damn smart la!

then she calculated for us:

if we wish to retire with $1million in the bank,
how long will it take to reach my goal?
assuming we put aside $290 each month earning a return of 10%

Ans: 34 years

i was like...WOAH!!!!!!!!
save for 34years and i can get $1million bucks leh!!! omg!

so, feeling very motivated,
i decided to calculate something else

assuming i wish to retire with $1million dollar
den i save 200bucks every month
put into dbs account to earn pathetic interest
which means the return is like 0.025%

how long will i take to reach my goal?

Ans: 396 YEARS

sucks man!!!

and she also show us how courts easyaccess thingie is like
suck money scheme la!
i was like WOAH!

wah, i like finance man!
i mean, this is totally applicable in my life can!
teach us how much to put aside now for my children's education next time
about loans and stuff


unlike stupid MA lecture
totally not useful
his notes totally sux, and it is so colourful it sucks up ink

and i dunno which part of my life will it affect can -___-"

Finance rocks <3

but, quiz is coming up soon!!! sian diao....
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