Thursday, September 25, 2008


i got BIG announcement to make....


yesterday i finally got a lift from waiyip to clementi mrt!!

*everyone from s46 FAINTS*

*baojie ROLLS EYES*


hahahahaha! =P

last time i was telling bj how i USED wy's car la =P
cos i asked to put some txtbk and stuff in his car
then he was like..."wow, what a big leap forward"

haha, now is even BIGGER LEAP forward le can! =P

yeah, cos we are in the same AIS group mah
and we had meeting till quite late eh, like erm, 9+
but i enjoy AIS meeting though
it's like super crappy and funny one =P

then today, i heard the MOST IRRITATING COMMENT EVER!
okay la, ONE OF the most...

"wah, your fingers.....looks like my terrapin's FEET leh"
"but my terrapin the nails are longer"

wah lau, wad kinda idiot comment is that la!

you can guess who made it -___-"
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