Saturday, September 20, 2008


today had finance quiz
which was like...omg, so tense la!
she keep on like

9 mins left
5 mins left
1 min left...

omg! super panicky!
and i think i got one wrong la, sian

after that we walked over the darren's hse for bbq
haha, basically i slacked la
din help at all....totally thick skin to admit it also eh! =S
yeah, basically i just ate

feeling quite tired though
and full of coke =S

my mum fetched me home, cos she was visiting her fren in clementi
and she took N years to get from clementi to hengmuikeng
sux man her directions...
yeah, then she gave gh and xf a lift after that too

and spent the whole journey in the car scolding me
cos i never offer a lift
which she say is bad
plus alot of other stuff la
so, okay lor, i just listen -__-"

tummy feels funny
coke overdose =S
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