Saturday, August 23, 2008


well, i'm still at macs now, haha!
like so late eh!

so boring today
cos my mum went for this dinner at regent hotel
some ri thingie la, in which she say is not ending anytime soon

so i go home also no point la
i mean no one at home
but i'll leave soon la, cos my battery is dying le
and i wanna lie on my bed and use com le
totally backache now! :(

and eyes pain...cos obviously i put my screen till v dark
anyway, my laptop battery is like powerful la! =D
almost 4hrs le! =D
and it's like old!

sian, later still need to take mrt
and then CROSS OVERHEAD BRIDGE to take bus home :(

cos my mum dun lemme take the car
even though she's not using
meaning it's at home la

her reasons:

1) woodlands v near la
2) weekends v difficult to park
3) tyre pressure low

wah lau, last time i went out for dinner, she say PETROL low
now is TYRE PRESSURE low

next time she gonna tell me the car batt low or smthg -______-"

okay la, i think it's time to go home le
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