Sunday, August 10, 2008


super tired today, woke up at 6am cos had to go pick up my cousins, and go bai bai my grandma
i think the only time i find it meaningful to go temple to pray is when it is to bai grandma
at least i feel that i got something to say to her

usually after the columbarium, we'll go to the nearby guan yin temple
hmm, i dun really like going, but i still go la
cos i see no meaning in it cos i dunno what to say or what to do

yeah, i know about miracles and stuff
but if i was really sick or people around me were really sick,
i think i'd spend more time trying to find the best doctor
rather than go to temple and pray to a statue, or go to church and pray to jesus or smthg

haha, which is why i guess i'm still non-religious
and still a free thinker
i don't think that will change in any time to come...

not all my cousin came...only eugene and ian came
haiz, i think it's quite wth lor, cos the others stay pretty near, at yishun there

(we go to bright hill columbarium at sin ming)

then their excuse is got tuition or got training, blah
like the rest of us dun have our own things to do like that...
dunno wad's with them man

after that, they came to my house
where we watched the olympics
i was like half dozing, half still feeling super tired! :(



i can't believe i've sch tml and i can't watch badminton and swimming finals! :(
maybe i should bring laptop to sch
and watch the live streaming on mediacorp olympic website =P

i can't believe sch is starting tml
i'm still in DENIAL! :(
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