Wednesday, August 13, 2008


today i had no school! :D
but i led the life of a maria today :(

two weeks ago, when i was at home on wednesday,

mummy said: please sweep floor
so, tracy sweeps floor

one week ago, when i was at home on wednesday,
mummy sms: please sweep floor, and i'll be very happy if u mop floor too
so, tracy sweeps and mop floor

today, when i was at home on wednesday,
mummy sms: please SWEEP floor, MOP floor, WASH TOILETS, and PEEL POTATOES on the stove

wah, she win already lorrrrrrrr!
increase and increase as the week goes!!!!

i woke up at 10am to watch the swimming finals la
michael phelps is like WOW la!
and afternoon i watch gymnastics!
i was rooting for china because america was so cocky initially when some gal got 16.9
and of course, china won in the end =D

anyway, some evidence of me using magiclean and mopping...


wah, magiclean is more tiring than the broom can
usually we use broom
dun ask me why we dun use vacuum cleaner, my mum just dun like la

yeah, magiclean is more tiring, but definitely cleaner!
especially when wind blow very strong eh
dun tell me to close windows and sweep lor, i'll melt!

when my mum came home, i told her i finish everything le
then i complain la, say how come my free day end up being maid day
and u know what she said!!

"okay, next time u can do the ironing and cook dinner also"


she think this is training to go for SEP ar!
or training to be a wife -___-"
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