Wednesday, August 06, 2008

[lonely & happy]

today i stayed at home all day
watching shows online and on vcd
and also sweeping and mopping the floor

hardworking anot!

and today i was also very happy! :)
cos i've been feeling quite lonely (u can tell from my nick)
and in an attempt to cheer me up,
gh drop by my house bus stop there to give me mini poppers! :)
before going for his squash game wif his frens

so sweet eh! :):)

lonely, desolate :(
i need to get out of this state :(

oh, i forgot to blog about my cousins bday party
not really party la, just everyone come and eat lor
their bdae cakes were super nice can!


esp the 2nd one! how to eat la!
it's like a work of ART can!
in the end, we all din bear to eat it
so it was just left like that!

going to watch another serial soon
finished e zuo ju 2 wen today
and also harry potter and the goblet of fire
and also the order of the pheonix vcd

tml is spend money day again!
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