Sunday, August 31, 2008


okay, i forgot to mention the most impt thing about the eeepc

the PRICE!

asus eeepc 901 cost $698 at comex, cos they give $100 rebate

and they damn loser la, they called the laptop sleeve a FREE GIFT!
wth, it is EXPECTED to be inside the package can

oh well, i wish they gave more rebates though...or more discounts!
but it's still cheap enough la, everyone buy like free eh!
when i bought, they left like 8 sets nia lehhhhh, wthhhhh!

and most important thing no. 2: i paid for it

yeah, but my mom wanted to use her card la, so, i'm not getting allowance for 2 months
which still means that i paid for it la

cos the MAIN purpose of the eeepc is for my mom to use lor
so that she can communicate with me when i'm in sweden

i told her that's her 50th birthday present lor
cos next year she 50th eh, but i not around, my daddy also not around

well, but since sweden is not here yet........

muahahaha, it's mine =P

in fact my mum haven had a chance to use it yet
she keep complaining about the touch pad
cos u can click by just touching mah
then she dun like -_______-" keep asking me to change

yeah, well, but technically, after i come back from sweden,
it will still be mine la =P

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