Tuesday, August 12, 2008


today had two lectures, finance and MA
finance lecture was okay
the lecturer reminded me of my mum's friend
look pretty alike leh!!

MA was beyond boring
but i can't bring myself to give him bad evaluation leh
because he told us he got polio
quite poor thing la! =S

after that, went for lunch, and then went to northpoint first before going home
went to check whether got bags to buy
however, most of the 2nd floor was under construction leh!
wasted trip la, totally

then went online, talked to zh and gj
apparently they both off leh!
so actually, i din have dinner one la, mummy has jap lessons
so she just ask me to heat up leftovers
but end up, i met them for dinner lor, at banleong there
haha, amazingly mummy let me use the car =P

went to amk hub after that to meet up with wj and fish
went to food court, met bj, jy, hs, er..and i think it is aaron
so qiao eh!!!
yeah, then met fish at coffeebean lor

yayyyy! :)
it rocks that p.sch pple are still staying nearby! :)
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