Sunday, August 31, 2008


okay, i'm feeling super busy and stressed now :(
think this sem my combination of modules sux
i can't even breathe already...
or perhaps it's cos i keep watching project runway at night =P

alot of things to do, so i'll just blog briefly

Yesterday some of my family came over to my house to celebrate my ah gong's b-dae!
in the morning, i went to fetch my ah gong from his house
cos my mum was busy killing off the ants that were attacking the chicken

seriously my house is totally ants infested, and it's so hard to get rid of them!

yeah, well, while fetching my ah gong, apparently my uncle saw me on the road
then he told me how he happily overtook me -__-"
haha, dangerous amk area... suddenly got people spot me around de, omg!

anyways, my ah gong's b-dae...



should have stand straighter...look quite short here
with quite big thighs... sian diao! :(



if u can count the candles, my ah gong is 79yrs old!
and we had durian cake! cos apparently it is my ah gong's favourite
more like my mum's favourite though -___-"

and recently, i've been busy exploring my new toy!!



my new toy!


muahaha, asus eeepc 901

i din get the 1000H one, because it is FREAKING HEAVY!
1.45 kg can!
yeah, i told that to mojo and he thinks i'm crazy
but yeah la, damn heavy can!
the eeepc 901 is 1.1kg, but somehow hor, it feels SUPER HEAVY TOO!

my laptop seems lighter leh! i dunno why!!!

some comparisons:

eeepc much smaller, screen size only 8.9"
i've no idea about my laptop...maybe like 11 or 12"

haha, it's like one giant and one dwarf

but dunno how come, the eeepc is bulkier than my laptop!
my laptop is like damn slim la! (cos everything external)
but eeepc also everything external wad!
think it's the big bulky battery, i dunno

the battery can last up to 8hrs! =D

yeah, now i fully appreciate my laptop already
i went to the asus booth during comex, also cannot find a slimer laptop than mine!
but it was cos the new ones came were internal dvd rom drive la
i dun mind external leh
i just want SLIM and LIGHT!

okay, enough ranting
i got like N number of things to complete
like biz comm, AIS, macroecons, omgggggggg! :(
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