Monday, July 07, 2008


think i need to take pictures more often
so that i'll be more motivated to blog

perhaps i should take a picture of my shitty office everyday -__-"
aka 3 MORE WEEKS!!!

*sian diao*

work sux, and my mum and gh has been at the receiving end of it
like i'll be super duper bad mood and rant nonstop...
oh well, just let me rant, and i'll be okay after awhile

i don't like incapable people who think they are right.

okay, weekends
on saturday, went to my mom's friend's hse
i went before once already, and i think the place is like beautiful!
cluster housing, they call it

my mum and her friends (plus children) decided to meet up
cos her best friend just came back from usa (she works there, family also there)
yup, so we had lunch there
there was super alot of food
but.. hmm, din really like
prefer it when my mom cooks
and that day, the mee goreng she cook was not very nice also =S

went to the games room with some of them
played pool, and realised how much i totally sux at it! :(

after that, went to walk around with the parents + the 2 usa kids

4 of them, haha, abit SATC-ish? =P

it's like terrace houses with condo facilities
the WHOLE building is theirs
abit like wy's hse la
but his, he never furnish much lor
their interior hor, super duper nice la

but i din take photos of it la
else, dunno leh
later some of the mothers think i crazy -__-"

quite big area
many bbq pits (operating on GAS somemore!)
and many houses!
but i don't like the function room and the games room
i think not big enough, not much privacy, haha

pool at your doorsteps
shiok anot!!!
may be noisy la, but it's okay la!
the most just close the door, and on the aircon!

everyone had like little gardens outside
some had interesting flowers like desert rose
which was really quite nice!
and quite expensive i heard!

and i think the house is quite reasonably priced!
i thought it'll be over one million
but, it's 968k!!!
not bad wad! i mean, the house is like 5 stories leh!
the 5th storey being the rooftop
but wah, they had those type of fountains there
wooden chairs there, super nice la!
the children bring their friends home then will use rooftop also

oh, and the children's room is SUPER big!
got one of the gals is my age la
bed super big!!! and nicely furnished
oh man, so jealous!

after the tour and abit of snacks,
we played pictionary
omgggggggg! i think i'm addicted to it!
it's like super duper fun!!!

i'm gonna buy a set at home le, and everyone can come and play! =D

alternatively, also can go to minds cafe to play!!! =D

it's really super funny la!
haha, we split into two groups and played!
and we won for both times! =D

had dinner there also
leftovers from lunch
watched abit of tv, took photos (waiting for my mum's fren to send)
and then we left and reached home at like 11pm =S

i was dead tired!!!

sunday, went to fetch the two boys and my ah gong in the morning
fetch them to my house lor
then i taught eugene abit of maths

haha, boost my confidence abit that i can give maths tuition eh =P

yeah, i think he really needs like super alot of work on it though!
after that was lunch time
then ian was like telling us all about his p5 camping experience
haha, super duper funny la!
i was actually in a v sian diao mood that night
but he totally cheered me up! =D

after lunch, we watched Nanny McPhee
hmm, i think plot wise, the show sux completely
but, oh well, okay la, just dun think too much and it's watchable!

around 4+, headed for the function room
helped to set up, and the boys went to the playground
i watched tv with my ah gong

then my 2 aunts, the maid came
then we had dinner, and also ktv!

hahaha, my aunt sang alot of oldies, even hokkien songs
the two boys almost cannot tahan
cos they say it's too old, not nice to hear!

then i also got sing la
need to change the old atmosphere to something younger u know!

then at first, ian keep saying scared paiseh, blahblah
then a few of them went outside to pack some stuff
so we (left 4 of us) kept asking him to sing and stuff
hahaha, and he did la! for like a few songs!

then he not scared le, still take the cd and see what songs he know
then he sing!

pro hor! haha!
sometimes cannot really hear what he sing la
maybe he trying to immitate jay zhou =P
initially very soft, then slowly, wah, louder and louder la!


he still sing jay zhou's ye qu, wo bu pei, JJ Lin's sha shou, yi qian nian yi hou
blah blah blah

yup, and the night ended at 11pm, when my mum fetched them home
oh man, i was like DEAD TIRED!

anyway, i watched the volleyball show today
boring can
maybe cos it's just the first episode
but i think, ren wo ao you (the swimming show) was MUCH BETTER!

cos got felicia chin u know! =D
and ou xuan!!! =D
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