Tuesday, July 22, 2008


i think it's beyond stupid to write testimonial for yourself
i did not encounter it until i came into vjc
however, we only wrote the top 3 achievements part in vj
the main testimonial was written by our form teacher

(which i rmbed we complained alot about his subtle shooting)

yeah, i dun see the point of writing testimonial for myself
but here i am, writing one for my internship
i was quite furious to find out that i had to write it actually
cos i felt that it was an entitlement
and that bloody piece of paper worths alot

(if u compare it to a temp job salary, and a internship allowance)

haha, i even purposely emailed hr, to demand for a format, or a template
in which i heard from gh that they dun even have
sux man, totally
and they have yet to reply me, but no need la
i of course no how to google and see what to write in a testimonial

yeah, well, whatever la
i think my english better than my boss anyway...
and she doesn't even know me that well
neither does she know my working style, nor what i've been doing so far

oh well, this is BEYOND STUPID
but at least it occupies my time

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