Saturday, July 19, 2008

[nlb sale 2]

so today, i went for the nlb sale again
i was so glad i went yesterday lor
today was like pathetic
and there were so many people!

see how people take huge stacks of books...
but surprisingly, today the floor was not as messy
i actually had a path to walk to move towards the corner to sit!

pathetic shou huo
end up, i only got 6 travel books, mummy bought 1 cooking book

even the ah bing ge also chiong to lib sale after they get released from 'prison'

see people well armed with trolleys?
and locks even, so that they can leave books one side
and no one can grab it from them

after that, took mrt back to tampines to eat
haiz, tm is like super crowded that it doesn't make me feel like walking around
ended up eating at Central hk cafe

which sux...........
i'll never go back there again!

yeah, and since tm was so crowded, we decided to head back to ikea/courts
cos we parked at ikea!
free parking! =D
haha, and the shuttle bus from ikea to tampines is like pretty frequent la
every 30mins lor, still not so bad!

went to courts and ikea to look look
went ikea to have tea break (i was seriously very full)
and finally, we headed home, cos we were quite tired

my mum say she keep wanting to sleep
haha, cos i was driving mah
then i was like, sleep lor
then she was like... NO.

k lorrrrrrrrrrr

tml going out! :)
and i'm watching this other korean drama
had it in my cupboard for ages
but i din have the motivation to watch it
until now! :D
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