Thursday, July 24, 2008

[lunch treat]

today my lunch gang treated me to lunch!
haha, they tried to trick me at first
say like go some coffeeshop to eat

in the end, we went to this nice little cafe
with pretty nice ambience
but i heard last time was better, cos they had sofa

it was a semi-buffet
meaning, soup, salad, dessert were free flow lor
plus a maincourse la

menu goes by days though
so everyday, it's a different thing

the soup was really yummy!!
salad was normal la, i had alot of raisins!

my cajun fish! which was SERIOUSLY NICE!
even the potato wedges were nice!
i din like the french beans and carrot though, too hard
but nice fish!! =D

dessert...there were more fruits la
but i was more interested in the cake
they say the choc cake nice, but today dun have

lunch group!
from bottom anti-clockwise: yh, may, tracy, rach, eileen

yayyyy! really happy to have met them
they really made my life bearable in R!

i bought them royce chocs, gonna give them tml!

random note:

i can't believe i'm representing Thai
and i'm like worth $138 bucks :(
wah lau, shit, i'm damn cheap

but anyway, i'm in a super duper good mood

but tml i need to climb ladder to put up some big wall posters
omg la, i din know i had to be a labourer...
help :(
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