Saturday, July 12, 2008


today was financial planning lesson again at maybank!
haha, it's not a course or anything la
just that today i decided to sign up for one of their insurance plan
maybank is linked to prudential

and it so happened that they having roadshow at amk today!
next week also will have la

so, since got roadshow, then they had the 3 month 8.88% deposit thingie
actually i thought last time also have
but according to them, they say after the roadshow, it'll drop to 6.88%

yeah, had a super duper duper long talk with them
this prudential woman talked to us until almost 3pm
and we had not had lunch!

but it was very informative
and i'm glad i'm starting this young
and that i'm more organised than my mom
my mom says she can't rmb what plans she sign up for
this and that -__-"

unlike her, i've a file to put everything inside
yeah lor, must plan my finances
i want my children to live comfortably next time
hopefully i dun kanna any critical illness or something
then all my insurance thing can go to my children lor
or, if it happens that my children are rich,
then it'll be my retirement fund =D

yup, anyway, i'm super pleased with this investment linked insurance :)

after that, we went for lunch at s11
and i had stingray set lunch

not bad ritex?
it cost $4.50!!! =D
rocks man!

and it's not bad also, the chilli is abit different from those sambal one
it has abit of sweetness in it
i like! =D
and the stingray quite a big piece leh! =D

yup, then went to Red Tomato (my favourite toiletries/makeup/personal care store)
to stock up on some stuff
wah, super alot of people la!
yuan lai others also found out that there is SUPER CHEAP
then went to amk hub ntuc
met evadne there
but talked very briefly only la
because my mum and i were rushing off
cos of parking fees la!! she parked at amk hub for super long le!
and we wanted to leave before 5.15 else must pay extra hour!

oh well, reading cleo now
today was a fulfiling financial lesson! :)
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