Thursday, July 17, 2008

[hk cafe]

okay, i'm no more bad mood le
i'm good mood again!
i guess the sian diao phase has passed :)

except for when i'm in work la
i fell asleep during work today
admist all the noise, and despite sitting in the centre of the room

anyway, tuesday was supposed to be relaxing day la
but, eh, turned out not v relaxing leh
cos orchard is not a very relaxing place

went to hk cafe at cine to eat

where the nai cha is SUPER EX

and i always eat the same thing there (so boring eh :( )

i like mee sua!
but the chef gourmet one is nicer
and of course, my mummy and my ah ma cook one nicer!

the very nice french toast
but when we ate it, it already was cold le
and the butter was like =S
and additional butter cost 20cents!!!!!!!!!

then went to walk walk lor
went to play bishi bashi, haha!
at the pok pok lucky plaza place

wednesday i went running!
after a super duper long time
ran around the lentor estate
think never stretch much la
now i walk down stairs, very suan leh :(
sux man :(

today i met my mum at thomson plaza
went to the bank there because it closes at 7pm
then went to find chef gourmet to eat
but it was closed!
so we went to longhouse
where the western food SUX TOTALLY

tml i going for nlb sale! =D
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