Wednesday, July 16, 2008


this week is depressing
i'm still having cold war with my mom
we communicate mainly through email these days
feeling very ap and sian diao these days too
i just need something to just cheer me up
and i don't even know what's the something


anyways, recent news about reverend shi ming yi is disheartening
after the nkf scandal (in which i rmb donating every year),
i only donated to the ren ci charity show
cos i believed the monk (haha, stupid me)
in light of the nkf scandal, he spoke as if he was so dignified
saying he believes to be a VOLUNTEER, and stopped accepting the pay from ren ci

see article:,4139,99432,00.html

i'd like to think perhaps he had some humility,
perhaps he stopped accepting the pay cos he felt bad for the money and fraud he committed
However, i don't believe this to be the case

it annoys me that he doesn't even stand out to say anything
now that he has be slapped with 10 charges

(or perhaps he did? dunno, the Today and My Paper din report,
and i din read The Straits Times)

he doesn't deny this entire incident, he doesn't say he's wrong
he just goes to court from his very ex condo, and just smile at the cameras

to think previously, we all marvel about his stunts performed on the charity show
and how we pick up our phones to call, in support for him, and his charity

so far, most of the charities involved in charity shows have been slammed with charges
maybe it's a jinx, or maybe it seems like such easy money to get
cheating the money out of singaporeans into their own pocket

well, i, for one, will definitely NOT donate to any charities (esp those televised)
unless somehow it can be assured that my money will definitely go to the needy
perhaps should trust in Community Chest instead
it's govt one right?

i think, sooner or later, those people who really want to donate to charities,
perhaps they have to personally go down to the charity
ask each person for their bank account number
and transfer it there

only then can u really ensure that your money has gone to the patients
and not to some greedy, slimy, profiteering CEO of some charity.

i've totally lost faith in this charities
i guess there are no Mother Theresas in Singapore
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