Sunday, June 22, 2008


this weekend was pretty eventful! :)

on saturday, went for zhou's kitchen hi-tea buffet wif gh
and i din take any pictures of the food

cos i thought i'll order 2nd round.........

but din la, SO FULL CAN!
maybe cos it's 2 pple eat only mah
can't order alot of times leh
my tummy was like GONNA EXPLODE!

then today, went for ktv at teoheng!
last min zh was released from jail and could make it!
so from 7 pple, became 4 pple, and end up, become 5 pple!
yeah, initially was 7, cos two of zh's friends were coming de

me and sw

rk and lingfang


our dear elyn is missing lor!
haha, rk called her from japan just now
so happy to hear her voice again!
we were singing alot of the 'elyn' songs, hahaha!

wish you were there!

okay la, next year in uk/france, we can have makeshift ktv
haha, just connect laptop to tv
and use youtube those 'learn how to sing' videos
which is ktv without the voice one la
hahaha! =P

and tml starts off another day of work
sian diao... :(
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