Saturday, June 07, 2008

[the week]

this week was pretty uneventful
perhaps the most eventful thing was meeting fj at the airport!
like so qiao la!

haha, i rmbed i was in the toilet, then i rmb she working at airport mah
then wanted to msg her
but i was thinking, eh, she working INSIDE leh
wanna visit also cannot mah!

then was discussing about gmg la
and fj appeared right in front la! haha, so qiao! with rena
and she happily borrowed my laptop to book her flight to thailand

win already lor! traveling here and there and everywhere!
took photo with her, will get it soon!

rest of the time was spent with my parents
today just went to eat crab with them at serangoon

salted egg crab, their specialty

cereal crab, i wanted to try this

i think shouldn't have ordered 2 fried crabs
haha, there's alot of oil in me right now!! =S
but both were nice la :)
and cheap leh! and meat is good!

oh well, but i still like the good old chilli crab
i still prefer it despite trying salted egg, black pepper, cereal,
steam, bee hoon soup, dried bee hoon, or even cold crab
hmm, oh yeah, it's also better than butter crab
okay, can't think of any other types of crab that i've eaten before le

have been watching quite alot of dvds this week too
watched Who am I, the jackie chan movie
Stardust, Stuart Little, I Not Stupid 1, I Not Stupid 2

I Not Stupid is really very touching
i never fail to tear/cry whenever i watch it
it's like...sad but yet, still funny!

everytime i watch that show, i'll start thinking that
i'm glad i turned out a good gal
good as in, i'm not a ah lian, not a smoker, not a drugs person
yeah, good in that sense

cos they always depict how parents neglected their kids
i wun say i was exactly 'neglected'
but when i was young, my parents were busy working
jetting off here and there
and i was just left at my grandparents' house
i was not close to my cousins
i had no siblings

when they were in singapore,
they see me in the morning when they send me to my babysitter/grandparents' hse
and they see me at night when they fetch me back home
and when they are at home, they continue with their work
i know they loved me, but there was like little contact
even holiday trips...were sometimes cos my parents went on working trips
then extended it and brought me over so as to serve as holiday

recently, i asked my mom, why did she quit her job
if she had not quit her job, we'll definitely have more spare cash
and living more comfortably

she said it's cos last time, i used to cry every single night
complaining that no one pei me
which is why she couldn't take it le
decided to quit her job and find something more relax so as to look after me

i din know i used to cry
i only remembered reading Enid Blyton books by myself

oh well, but i'm glad we're a
not-so-well-off, yet still pretty happy family :)

as a quote from I Not Stupid 2,
f.a.m.i.l.y = father and mother, i love you
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